Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ITARC 20009 was a great success!

The Atlanta, GA edition of ITARC 2009 was held a couple of weeks ago and, based on the feedback I got from attendees and my own experience, it was a great success. Over 150 architects and people interested in becoming an architect spent two days in a beautiful environment (Thank you, IBM!), with good food, and learning from each other's experiences as well.

But the best thing was the wide variety of talks available, and the quality of the speakers (including Grady Booch via second life) who gave them. As a member of the chapter hosting the conference, and one of the speakers, I may be biased. But, I was able to attend a number of the talks and not only did I learn a good bit, but I found the speakers to interesting, well informed, and worth listening to.

The bottom line is that this year's ITARC was great and that you should make every effort to attend next year's Atlanta ITARC. For those of you not familiar with it, ITARC is short for "IT Architect Regional Conference"; so there may be one coming to your area later this year. I do know there's one scheduled for New York in late September, and you can always check the IASA home page for more information.

For any of you wondering about my talk, I'd say it went very well. The room was set up for 24 people but another eight or nine showed up and wound up standing in the back, so the attendance was excellent. During the talk itself, people looked interested and asked some questions, and the feedback I received from IASA indicted that the attendees enjoyed it and thought it was well done.

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